Tell Jason Kenney: Don’t you dare roll back Alberta’s minimum wage!

On October 1, 2018, the Notley government raised the minimum wage in Alberta to $15 an hour. Over 350,000 working Albertans, mostly young people, women and those from marginalized communities, now benefit from this important change.

Unfortunately, upon taking power, the UCP government quickly rolled back the minimum wage for young workers. Premier Kenney has now made it clear that he intends to go even further.

When asked in the Legislature to commit to NOT rolling back the minimum wage, Kenney refused to answer directly. Instead, he suggested that cutting the minimum wage would actually be good for the economy.

It’s baffling how taking money out of the pockets of the poorest and most vulnerable among us would help the economy. But it’s now clear that’s what the UCP intends to do.

In fact, if Kenney listens to the fast-food industry lobbyists and CEOs who have been such big supporters of the UCP, we’re afraid the cut to the general minimum wage could be huge – one, two, even three dollars an hour.

We can’t let this happen. Join us in fighting back against any minimum wage rollbacks and help us continue to promote the benefit of a strong minimum wage.

Email Premier Kenney today to tell him to immediately scrap his plan to cut Alberta’s minimum wage.